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I am a maker of songs for those wearing rose-colored glasses, those who love life and happy endings.

For persons who prefer their artists tortured, I fear I am not your cup of vodka.

I remember being a child and spending afternoons outside in the backyard playing a harmonica and imagining the rustling leaves to be the trees applauding. While I don’t think anyone other than leaves would applaud at my harmonica skills, I never stopped wanting to make music that made people (and plants) happy. 

I find lyrical inspiration in literature from Shakespeare to Peter Pan as well as tea and dessert items. I have a degree in Humanities and have also worked at chocolate shops, bookstores, and libraries so you can see that, in my case at least, one writes what one knows.



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by Emma Wallace

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New Ep

August 31, a new record inspired by Greek myths telling the story of a night of lovemaking. 


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